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Post Pandemic Pivoting

To pivot means many things depending on the context.  To pivot when dancing is to change directions while moving.  A boxer pivots as both a defensive and offensive angular footwork move.   Pivoting in business for our purposes today is similar, which involves movement and changing direction, changing course in one’s career.  What all of these examples have in common is the need to have a solid base, stamina, a fundamental knowledge of where you currently are and where you would like to go prior to movement, and having the dedication to execute the move successfully All of these traits are involved in the goal of pivoting, which is movement, changing direction.  In a career change, having a solid base would also be necessary before making a change in career course as to avoid personal difficulties and achieve the success desired.   


So, what would having a solid base regarding a career change look like?  It looks like being prepared.  It is quite understandable that pivoting post pandemic has been quite the trend, however it’s more than that. It’s a barometer of what had gone so terribly wrong in many workplaces and now it’s being felt in human resources departments around the country. The pandemic provided the time and opportunity that so many people needed to think, ponder, and reflect.


They reflected on relationships, both personal and professional, and on what happiness is.  They asked, “Is this how, and the people with whom, I want to spend one third of my waking hours?”.    As a wise man once told me, “People don’t quit jobs, they quit their bosses”.   So, prior to quitting either, let's take a look at how to prepare and execute for pivoting. 


Take time for introspection of personal sets of skills, aptitudes, and personality traits when considering which direction to move.

Speak with a trusted and unbiased mentor, therapist, friend whom you can confide in regarding the career trajectory you’re considering, and the implications of that decision.  Consider how long the process will take, expenses involved, ask yourself, “Is it worth it?” 


Look at your current financial situation and how does that support your quest to pivot.

Consider, the mental and physical stamina required to change the direction of your career.   Basically, it’s putting in the time.  Allowing time for research, continuing education both formally and or informally, and educating yourself about the career you desire. 


Discuss your plans with spouse or loved one regarding your thoughts prior to making definitive plans and include them prior to making your decisions as they will be your support during your pivot.


Pivoting is definitely not a one and done ordeal, it is an ongoing life experience that does not solely involve career changes.  Pivoting happens throughout our lifetime, daily, and even hourly as we make decisions and live our lives.  So, if we look at pivoting as a flexibility muscle we already have and utilize, maybe the idea of pivoting won’t feel so daunting. Pivot on my friends. 

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